Directed by
Zohar Dvir

A drunk astronaut discovers that love can be found in unexpected places.

London based Zohar Dvir focuses on philosophical-cultural themes using surrealism and humour. Her latest animation is about a lonely astronaut in space spends her time drinking beer, singing and floating around. When the empty beer bottles form a human shape she finds herself falling in love.

<<The 50th anniversary of the historic moon landing inspired me to make a space film. I knew I wanted to write a love story, and as I imagined the tragic life of a lonely astronaut in space, I realised there is only one thing to do in a situation
like that - Get drunk. The story wrote itself from that point. I wanted to give the film a loose feel so I made the 3D elements "boil". I emphasised the fantastic parts of the story by inserting 2D animation -As the astronaut dives into her
own fantasy the 2D elements become more present.
Ironically, the film seems more relevant today than ever, and hopefully it will make the isolated viewers relate and laugh.>>