Neo Gender: A Structural Renaissance

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The binary and historical concept of gender, challenged for truths.

Inspired by the opening of the Old Testament, Neo Gender gives the viewer a myriad of reasons as to why they should question their binary concept of ‘gender‘: from identified historical, cultural and biological perspectives. Through recreation and reclamation of Genesis 1, the film - whose cast is either trans or non-binary- explains how and why gender became a binary concept across history and deconstructs prejudices around trans and intersex existence.

The images within the film, created by UK-based filmmaker Emmanuelle Soffé, are inspired by sculptural and painterly reconstructions from Western Art History. And each painting directly links to art works that in some way capture the evolving conceptions of gender within that part of the world. Some of these references include the painting Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David, the Greek Hermaphrodite sculpture, the architectural space of a 19th century Cast Gallery; as well as archetypes of the likes of ‘Lilith’.

Emannuelle Soffé, 'Neo Gender was my first proper go at directing. I was lucky to have a crew of people who really cared about the content of the film and who tirelessly went out of their way to help pull it together.'


Directed by Emmanuelle Soffe
DOP Adam Singodia @adamsingodia
Writers Grace Tully @instagrcc &  Donna Marcus @kebab.queen

Kobe Darko @k.obes
Bernice Mulenga @burneece
Ayesha H @ayeshahofficial
Lulu Love @_unlovablebitch
Donna Marcus @kebab.queen
Ben Christopher @bjthedragqueen

Executive Producer Emmanuelle Soffe
Producer Ru Kuodyte @rutakuodyte
Production Assistant Andrius Valkauskas  @andrius_valk
Casting Director Phoebe Brereton @big_bad_phi

1st AD Samuel Barnham @samuelcharles
1st AC Catharina Scarpellini @catharinasz
Movi Op Krystian Winszewski  @krystianwinszewski
Gaffer Luca Piercey

Stylist Rhona Ezuma @roena
Style Assistant Colleen Finnerty @colleen_finnerty
Production Designer James Janna Bartlett @jamesjannabartlett
PD Assistant Max Roach @appropriatemaxroach
Makeup Natasha Sultana    
Hair Francesca Rosini @francesca.rosini
Rope Artist Bruce Esinem @esinemuk
Artist Maria Unger @ungerstuff

Editor Charlie France @charliefrance_videoeditor
Grade Megan Lee @colourbymegwan
Graphic Designer Izzy Bc @izzybc

Sound Design Oscar Davies @_ogmog
Music Andrea Taeggi @andreataeggimusic
Music D’Voxx  @dvoxxmusic
Voice Over Otamere Guobadia @otamere

Director’s Assistant Isa Tejera @isatejeracnn
Runners Ruben Colindres @ruweng & Alex Dragulele @alexandxos
BTS Photography Daniel Housley @danielhousley
Location Fold @fold.ldn
Supported by @something_inc