Emilie Badenhorst

Marked by a richly sensuous cinematic style, Emilie Badenhorst is a powerful voice in a new generation of filmmakers, whose body of work shows an intuitive understanding of the subtlety and honesty required of performance and storytelling.

Emilie’s fashion film Bubblegum and her experimental short Unsex Me, both of which she wrote and directed, quickly brought her the attention and the opportunity to work internationally, a testament to her skill and talent as a young director.

Proving her staying power in the international arena, Emilie’s latest short, Ekstasis has earned her Best Direction at the New Renaissance Film Festival (EU) and a Silverscreen at the Young Director’s Awards (USA). Through her lens; love, intimacy, and loss come together to delicately explore the navigation of the young, female body in relation to identity.

Emilie’s remarkable range in capturing emotion through evocative visuals shines through in her music videos for Lolo Zouaï, as well as for 6lack and Khalid. Emilie is not afraid to push boundaries, her most recent music video for “Strangers’ is no exception, showing a captivating and unconventional portrait of young love.

Emilie wants to continue creating empowering work that explores intimacy and the messiness of human connection.

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Emilie Badenhorst