Maitry Rao

Maitry Rao, born in India and based in London, is a digital artist mainly working in 3D and VR
animation. She comes from a fine art background and allows her traditional art styles to seep into her digital creations. Her work at the Royal College of Art explores autobiographical and self-
interrogative themes. She started writing monologue style poems and weaving together surreal

moving images by making an interactive walking simulator and a self-reflexive film.
Prior to graduating from the Royal College of Art, she pursued a BA from Middlesex University
London where she got an opportunity to showcase her VR Experience Portrait (2019) at EGX Rezzed
Gaming Expo in London.
She represented India twice at the 4th (2010) and 16th (2015) International Biennial of Juvenile Art
in Portugal where she was awarded a Diploma of Merit Gold on both occasions. She has also won
2nd Prize at The National Level Energy Conservation Painting Competition (2008) by the Government
of India.

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Maitry Rao