Films that influence the subversive filmmaking of Chantal Adams

NTS radio's Chantal Adams teams up with Russian brand ZDDZ to create new visuals for GiF

Nikola Vasakova
April 25, 2017

Chantal Adams works in the realm of visual music and fashion culture. Currently part of the stable of creative filmmakers at NTS Radio, Chantal has created a dark, subversive, anti-fashion film for GIF in collaboration with UK based, Russian born street wear brand ZDDZ. We asked her about the inspiration for her film.

Michel Gondry - Science of Sleep

The virtual worlds Michelle Gondry manages to create, in such a D.I.Y way, has always influenced my work.




Johny 316 (Dir. Erick Ifergan)

The film Buffalo '66 lead me to Johnny 316, which is considered a hidden gem in Vincent Gallo's career. I find the dramatic and obsessive storyline caught on VHS to be a beautiful mix. 




ShowStudio - A Man Called Boss

ShowStudio is one of the reasons I started making films and 'A Man Called Bones' is one of my favourites to be platformed on ShowStudio.




Blood Orange - Champagne Coast

I filmed mini sets for my final project at university and I was really into Blood Orange's music video for 'Champagne Coast' at the time. This video was also edited by Jude MC who's one of my top music video directors -he's deleted his website though :(




Paris Is Burning (Dir. Jennie Livingstone)

This film is probably in most people's top 5 and I don't think anyone could top this ball culture documentary.




Check out Chantal's work on or her Vimeo page.