A Boring Day In Hell

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At a surreal dinner party, the women gathered have one thing in common: self-love and stuffed former lovers.

A Boring Day In Hell is an experimental love story to thy self. Amsterdam filmmaker Ayla Spaans wrote this dark-comedy short when she realised late - like so many people do- that the love she had for another was taking her away from the love she had for herself.

In Hell, a woman wonders upon what she was wearing on the day that she killed her lover. In the midst of a gathering of women, who like her, have disposed of the lovers that did them harm, she recollects her memory as dinner is prepared. during a gathering of women who are preparing themselves for a seated dinner. After she realises what she wore on that fateful day, she ponders the thought that killing her lover was her only real way of feeling unconditional love for herself again.

Spaans "I wrote this story in a moment where I felt more love for my partner that for myself back then. I am always aiming to be independent and connected to my emotions, therefore I found that I must put myself first. This feeling is translated into experimental short film called; ‘A Boring Day In Hell’ a horror about self-love.

Self-love is something we’re all struggling with. For me it’s was something I did struggle with last year. From time to time you have to say farewell to your work, a dear friend or old lover to choose the best for yourself. Sometimes they don’t make you feel good about yourself anymore. They will stay in your heart, but not in your life. This film is about amputating that part that stops loving yourself. In this film the protagonist amputates her lover in order to feel unconditional love for herself again. "