Luxury Alphabet

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A visual poem exploring the emotional impact of breast cancer

“My body, the vessel that I have taken care of so conscientiously, is my ultimate betrayer and my ultimate ally.”

Luxury Alphabet is a deeply personal exploration of identity and the array of emotions revealed throughout the process of suffering breast cancer. Written and directed by Lorena Medina, the cancer experience is expressed as a stream of consciousness, through a mix media approach written in a somewhat alphabetical order, and depicted in a series of scenes of individuals, choreographies, animations and AI that connect as metaphors or analogies of the emotional overload of living with a life threatening, long term illness.

Anchored by the desire to give visibility to the feelings that emerge in the cancer journey, each scene navigates through the timeline of the emotional process, flowing towards the awakening of a woman that is forced to let go of the person she was and start welcoming the possibilities of who she can become.

Medina says: I dealt with my illness with a lot of humour, positive attitude and strength. But the moment I was released from frequent care and didn't have to go to the hospital on a weekly basis, a different truth hit me. What the fuck just happened to me? I woke up in the middle of the night with this question, and soon after I started writing about the real emotions that lay underneath the positive surface I needed to survive.


Alphabet Luxury

Produced by
Smile @smile________tv

Co-Produced by
Reverie Content @reverie.content
RSA @rsafilms

Adrià Calvo - Key Grip
Adriuh Arvizu - Project Manager at Hola Combo
Ainara Trigueros - 1st AD @ainaratrigueros
Alba Pedreira - 2nd Assistant Camera @albapedreira
Albert Marcet - Director letter B Animation @charmed_snake
Alberto Ojeda - Steadycam Operator
Albert Piñana - Spark @albertpinana
Alejandra Plans - Production Manager @ale_padt
Alvaro Weber - Managing Director and Executive Producer @alvaroweber
Andrea Achinte - Assistant Make Up @andrea.achinte
Anna Iaccheo - Actress letter Z @annaiac_
Antonio - Location Assistant
Arnau Blanch - Art Assistant @arnau_blanch
Artic - Post Production, Online, Color Grading, Compositing, Sound Mix @artic_pospo
Aura Sosa - Translation to Spanish @nycwindow

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Edu Olavide - Producer

Federico Albanese - Music
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Francisco Berjillos - Spark
François Vogel - Director letter S @francois.vogel
Frankenstein Studio - Casting @franksteinstudio

Gabriela Badillo - Animation, Production, Coordination at Hola Combo @holacombo
Gacy Sarubbi - Art director Assistant, Props Master and Actress letter L @gacysarubbi

Hola Combo - Animation, Design, Post on scenes C, G, Myself @holacombo

In Extremis - VFX @inextremisfilmservices
Ivan Tikas - Art Assistant @ivantikas
Izaskun Montilla - Producer Tenerife @boudika_productions

Jaume Ponsa - Color Grading @jaume_ponsa_color
Javier Lagmaniere - BTS
Javier Puente - Unit Manager
Javier Sales - Transport Captain
Jesús Estarregui - Spark
Joan Collet - Production Assistant
Juan Carlos Dávila - VFX @inextremisfilmservices

Lali Font - Actress letter I @lalifontzheng
Lina Frank - 2nd AD
Liza Marie Vermoot - Actress letters F and W @lisamarievervoort
Location Support - Production Support
Lorena Medina - Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Voice @lorenaipsum
Lucas Nolla - Editor @sprinkler_lab
Lucy Lenox - Casting Director (Frankenstein Studios) @luci_lenox

Maite Nogueras - Production Assistant
Manu Rastrollo - Compositing-Fx @manurastrollo
Marcos Martínez - Sound Design, Mix @artic_pospo
Maria Anna Serrat - Compositing-Fx @artic_pospo
Mateus Andersen - Actor letter R
Marc García - Art Assistant
Marc Miró - Cinematographer @marcmiro
Marga Sardà - Actress letter G @marghsarda
Marta Blanc - Actress letters A and R @marta_blanc
MPE - Risk Assistant

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Santiago Nadal - Actor letter E @iacnadal
Sergi Guzman - Actor letter H @jayyysees
SIP - Sparks Company
Smile Media - Production Company @ smile________tv
Sobirah Ceesay - Actor letter P @soribahceesay
Special Thanks - Alvaro, Jonás, Edu Cado, Dominique, Gacy, Otti, Margarita, Kata, Sarah Gessler, La Madre que parió a Otti, La Madre que parió a Gacy, Steph, Stéphane, Damiano, Rich, Gabs y Manu Rastrollo
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