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Visual poem and dance performance on life's fleeting moments and loss

Life is fleeting...especially if you are a damselfly living only for a few brief moments as a free-flying adult. With the essence of grievance slippery and intangible, every loss is unique, and tells its own story.This visual poem, set to ERAs fervent lyrics and gentle tones, whisks us away to a world that is transcendental. Where the sonic rhythms and dream-like visuals obscure notions of time and place. Two people navigate their way through a labyrinthine patchwork of emotions - before they part for one final time; staged upon a natural backdrop in New Orleans.They jostle and contend against unseen forces, in an endeavour to let go, in this emotive performance choreographed and directed by the singer of this track- Elizabeth Rose Arifien. The film closes in the environment from which we all begin: within the flowing tranquillity of water, as one surrenders back into the biorhythm.

Choreographer and filmmaker Elizabeth Arifien directs a memorial of movement dedicated to one's perpetually evolving life cycle, its enigmatic and transient beauty, amidst the mystery it enshrouds. Growing up in Derbyshire, in the north of England, Elizabeth has consistently explored the voices and subject matters of those left to the outskirts of society. Her films have represented a pursuit for truth, celebration of diversity and escapism. Through her desires to make the arts more accessible she unites communities and lets her movement speak boldly and profoundly where words often fall short.



Cassidy Fulmer


Joshua P.Bell


Director, Choreographer & Executive Producer:

Elizabeth Arifien 


Music Producer: 

Tony Nwachukwu





Music Production Written by:

ERA and Tony Nwachukwu

Director of Photography:

J. Alejandro Moreno


Editor & Sound Design: 

Ben Boullier



Henry Howard


Motion Graphics:

Tim Hughes


Shoot Producer:

Gretchen Erickson


Assistant producer: 

Rhyannon hanbury


Hair & Make-up:

Phoenix Rose

Assistant to Director of Photography: 

Gaines Owens


Dance Operations:

Katie Dale-Everett


Clothing by: 

Les Animaux



Fontainebleau, New Orleans

Special Thanks:

Maya Taylor


Diana Roy

Lisa Jackson

Sonny Arifien


Supported by: 

Art Council England