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Complex, lived experiences of Black women within relationships.

Eve is a short film meditation of the radical experience of loving whilst black from UK based filmmaker Naomi Grant. Grant is founder of production company LAMBB whose mission is 'to redefine images of black and brown people in the media, by creating content that authentically represents their stories, and provides a platform for their voices.'

True to this sentiment, the narrative film Eve seeks to show and tell the complex, lived experiences of Black women within relationships, whilst challenging the stereotypes often ascribed to them. Eve forces us to stop and recognise the fragility that exists in her. And every single one of us.

Instead of labelling characters of colour as aggressive, loud and stubborn - as is too often the case within the media- this film takes the position that love and understanding is a viable cure for that which is broken in the world.

Grant, “When women of colour reclaim their power and take up space, we are a force to be reckoned with, yet we allow ourselves to be equally as vulnerable in our fight.

For too long we’ve been told we can only exist within stifling archetypes; even some women in my life subscribe to the idea that strength derives from solitude, or brashness. Yet there is an uncanny power to holding on to your strength, whilst allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, open - the truer versions of us.

Speaking for LAMBB, 'Our champions are women like June Sarpong, appointed head of creative diversity at the BBC, a role that’s first of its kind, Dr. Shola Mos-Shogmamimu, activist and prominent speaker in the media in regards to the lived experiences of people of colour and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex who made the decision to move away from the royal duties, in a bid to save herself and her family from the slander of the British media. We are strong in our views and valid in our opinions. Our story deserves to be told and we will be the ones to tell it.'


Cast/Crew credits:

Director – Naomi Grant @ lambbofficial
Assistant Director - Edem Wornoo
Producer - Naomi Grant @ nayvisuals
Writer - Naomi Grant
Production manager – Gaby Lafor
DOP – Drew McCray / Daisy Gaston
Photographer – Jennifer O’Neil
Gaffer – Courtney Andrews
Editor – Naomi Grant
Colourist - Naomi Grant
Sound Engineer – Enoch Calambay / J3
Producers - Joe Bay  / Jenome / J3
Singer - Jenome
MUA – Eileen Amoateng / Paige Michel
Assistant stylist – Tia Campbell
Runner – Sarah Awe

Social media handles:

Starring: @proscoviauk AND @razd7a

Directed/written/produced: @lambbofficial / @ nayvisuals
AD: @_edemm
DOP: @drewmccrary @daisygaston_
Production manager: @producer.gabs
Music Producers: @frjoey @j3music@jenometheartist
Singer: @jenometheartist
Gaffer: @courtney_r.andrews
Editor: @nayvisuals
MUA: @itspaigemichel @melgaloree
Assistant stylist: @tiatinkerbella
Runner: @ Sarah Awe