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A dance to express history and emotion that women are made of.

Filmmaker Mar del Corral was born in the Caribbean sea, raised in Spain and studied in the UK, her new project For Hemma is the evolution of the dance of a new generation. For Hemma is named after the song HEMMA by Portuguese artist SURMA. The song is submerged in the body of each one of the performers who express the history and emotion that women are made of. Choreographed by Cristián González, this dance's expression is in claiming freedom of feelings in women's bodies.

Watch the 17 professional dancers as they share, support and encourage the movement as a communicative expression.

Corral << The main goal in For Hemma is to change the view in how we are used to seeing choreography on the screen. For that, it is important that we don’t have barriers between the director, the choreographer and the dancers. We were all artists in this piece. The dancers were not ‘just’ dancers. They were performers, actresses and the most important of all, women. >>