Mother's voice takes woman back to her Morrocan roots and culture

In an inner dialogue with her mother Fatima, the mother’s voice takes Mona back to Morocco; the nostalgic blues, the circles of community, the feeling of the half and whole and the divine connection of nature and mankind.

She spoke softly, so softly: a touch that seemed more earthbound, a nod to the nature around us. "I believe I am out of your reach here” she said, “Go where you will, and know that you belong” On a journey through memories of identity and a longing for belonging, we get to follow a personal portrait of Mona moving through the island Gotland.

The Idea about Hawa from director Sanna Holm, choreographer Mona Namér and DOP Simon Bendroth started from some thoughts back in 2018 over a coffee. The conversation landed in a vague film idea about portraying Mona’s heritage and identity as well as her connection to dance and movement. In 2020 they took the idea to reality and started a long journey of three years to create this film. The first idea was to film it in her motherland Morocco but that wasn't possible during pandemic - so they searched for local places that had a similar magnetic feeling and ended up filming Hawa on the Swedish island called Gotland. The formation of the rocks and the sandy beaches became a perfect environment to create curiosity about the polarities touched upon in the film, the inbetweenship and the longing for belonging.


A film by Sanna Holm, Mona Namér and Simon Bendroth

Director, Producer, Creative Director: @sanna.c.h
Co-Director, Choreographer, Creative Director: @monanamer
Director of Photography: @simonbendroth
1st Assistant Camera: @zelmaschelin
2nd Camera Assistant: @lucas_wallenberg
Dancers: @nyatkibreab @marcolito @monanamer
Production Assistant: @strinchie @m.simonic
Editor: @simonbendroth
Colorist: @thameralzaidi_colorist
Music: @kechou_sound @lvdf.music @mariabrgstrm
Composer, Sound designer and Master engineer: @mariabrgstrm
Voice: Fatima Namér
BTS: @m.simonic

Thanks to:
MINI Sverige
Dagsljus / Stefan Kivrikis Samsoe Samsoe
Lo von Krogh
Andrea Vasquez

Credits with full names:

Director, Producer, Creative Director: Sanna Holm
Creative Director and Choreographer: Mona Namér
Director of Photography: Simon Bendroth
1st Assistant Camera: Zelma Schelin
2nd Camera Assistant: Lucas Wallenberg
Dancers: Nyat Kibreab, Marco Wihlborg, Mona Namér
Production Assistant: Isabella Teame & Martin Simonic
Editor: Simon Bendroth
Colorist: Thamer Alzaidi
Music: Kechou, LVDF, Maria Bergström
Composer, Sound designer and Master engineer: Maria Bergström
Voice: Fatima Namér
BTS: Martin Simonic

Thanks to: MINI Sverige Dagsljus / Stefan Kivrikis
Samsoe Samsoe
Lo von Krogh
Andrea Vasquez