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A video guide for those who have ever imagined themselves running away.

Colombian born, Buenos Aires based filmmaker Andrea Escandon and Buenos Aires born filmmaker Agustin Cibeira made this short experimental to portray the moments where you don't want to be seen, you need space away from perceptions and judgments so that you can reconfigure.

Escandon << The piece originally was an excuse to make an audiovisual using pictures from Agustin Cibeira, a fashion photographer from Buenos Aires. I was very attracted to his work, mainly because the mood of his young characters which I found sad and at some point lonely.

As a director I like to film ideas that I have about my generation and portray the cities making them the main character. As an editor I love to explore the audiovisual language working with short formats like Music Videos, in Argentina there is a huge latent music scene from which I took dynamic and narrative aesthetics.

This year I decide to leave Argentina and move to Barcelona to make a master in Motion Graphics Design, immediately I started to feel very melancholy; I lived and growth the last eight years far away from my family, so I was facing for the second time the detachment of a place.

I could say that HTD was at some point my own therapy, my way to say goodbye for a while but also to continue creating pieces with friends that inspired me. >>