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Alone at home, a dancer captures the many moods of lockdown isolation

In this short, a solo dancer experiences anxiety and a rollercoaster of emotions due to the imposed isolation: craving to be outside, but forced to stay inside. The film was directed by Carolina Romillo Marín, a writer and film director originally from Havana, Cuba, who moved to Barcelona at the age of 5. Working with her childhood friend, the performer Claudia Iglesias Ungo, the pair created a piece that captures the uncertainty of lockdown times.

Carolina: “The idea for “Inside/Outside” came up from my own isolation experience. Highs and lows, lights and shadows. A time of uncertainty, proper to go inside and control the fears, demons and train the brain.

“I decided to shoot it all during the magic hour because it was my favourite part of the day during lockdown: remembering the past, enjoying the beauty of the present moment, dreaming about the future... And playing, always playing.

“The film was created together with Claudia Iglesias Ungo, a very talented performer and, most importantly, my soul sister. We have known each other since we were months old and have always been creating choreographies, stories and adventures. Now we were finally working together for the first time.”


Writer-director-DOP-editor: @carolinaromillo

Performer: @sweetbabymonster

Music composer: @_aregone

Sound operator: @esteban_bruzon

Colourist: @mechu_recvoluxion

Graphic designer: @studioaup

Location: @aptnuevehabana