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Women Of Fire - Five female archetypes and the taboos associated with them, from witchcraft to sexuality.

“In the beginning, there was the goddess…”

So starts Las Mujeres de Fuego, a new campaign film from Fuego Nails, founded by Natasha Blake. Blake and Jocelyn Anquetil (filmmaker from The Mill) made <<Women of Fire>>, to tell the story of five hero characters, each a symbol of powerful mythological female figures. The power of an ancient fire Goddess pulses through the earth, uniting them in an uprising, ready to restore balance.

Antequil << Tasha and I just bashed heads. We met on a shoot last year and I was absolutely dying to do a shoot with her. So I sent her this presentation back in December –it was all about women who embody taboos and misconceptions, fiery characters empowered by their nails – and as soon as she read it she came back like, "Oh my god, this is something I’ve been wanting to do for ages". It was so spooky.

She told me to read Merlin Stone’s book When God Was A Woman and that’s really where it all got going. It was so interesting to read about this part of history, and how history is recorded, and understanding how that has manipulated the gender-based imbalances in our society. So in a nutshell, the film is inspired by the judgement and expectations that are thrust onto women, the way in which stories in history and mythology have been manipulated to cast shame upon powerful women characters, and how we can use our self-expression and strength to empower ourselves and reclaim the taboos and judgement that once weighed upon us. And nails! >>

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