Logging out of Reality

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Media ecologies on the surface of digital landscapes of some of London's best known institutions.

This short experimental film reflects on the impact of media ecologies, which blur digital and material learning environments. Ultimately questioning the role of educational institutions and infrastructures. From the Barbican to RCA, this is an algorithmic interactive trip around London.

Using architectural education as a case study, the project proposes an augmented reality learning system distributed within the city. It speculates on the role of platforms, mixed reality applications, gamification, and questions what skills we must (un)learn as humans who are navigating a Compressed City.

This learning system questions the gatekeeper role of institutions and formalized architectural education on knowledge of urban design and architecture and proposes another medium - utilising media technology and data to enable a more open relationship with the city and the public.

Xinyue Zhang 'It is the real, and not the map, whose vestiges persist here and there in the deserts that are no longer those of the Empire, but ours. The desert of the real itself.'


Director and FX artist: Sylvia Xinyue Zhang @sylviabrick
Creature 3D Modeling and Animation: Yue Hua
Post Producer and VFX Compositor: Anqi Wang
Edit and Post: Jindi Jia
Design Supervisor: Corneel Cannaerts, Michiel Helbig
Analysis and Concepts: Yue Hua, Anqi Wang, Sylvia Xinyue Zhang, Jindi Jia
Starring: Anqi Wang
Avatar: Anqi Wang, Sylvia Xinyue Zhang
VFX Supervisor: Joris Putteneer
Theory Supervisor: Provides NG
Music: Embrace: Jani R

The project was developed within the context of UCL Bartlett under the supervision of
Corneel Cannaerts, Michiel Helbig, Joris Putteneer, Provides NG, James Melsom, Sam