Never Actually Lost

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PREMIERE: A moving look at the fading memories of an elderly woman, through the lens of her filmmaking granddaughter, as they try to preserve her thoughts forever.

Rowan Ings is a creative documentary Director, based in Glasgow. Her film 'Never Actually Lost' was made in 2019 with support from BFI x Made of Truth film fund. The film began in a time where Rowan was caring for her Grandmother, and continues into a time where her Grandma has passed away; Rowan's mother carves the gravestone herself. Never Actually Lost is a piece that traverses one family's connections over different generations and attempts to preserve memories for the generation to come. It's nostalgic tone reminds us what life used to be like before technology took over.

Ings "When I began this process, it wasn't intended to be a film. After discovering the many reels of super8 at my Grandmother's house, we watched them together as she narrated the scenes from her life. In this process she shared beautiful insights, despite her fading memories. After she passed away, my Mother was carving my grandmother's grave and I set about making the process into a film. COmbining these two parts, we made a film that reflects on memory and physicality and asks what it means to remember oneself and what it means to remember someone else. It was a privilege to have the support to make such a personal film and to share it with festival audiences. I hope that it can be hopeful and affirmative for those  suffering from dementia and those caring for people with dementia."