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A dance with the most raw and primal human connections: nature, self and each other.

Darcy Wallace is a British-Australian choreographer and dance artist for film and live performance. Skin & Scales is her directorial debut. In it, two dancers explore connections to nature, self and each other. Using touch as their dominant sense they embody a variety of forms. Sometimes animal, sometimes mystical creatures.

Wallace, 'Skin and Scales evolved out of the first lockdown last year. I had been forced to stop and slow down, to sit with my body and myself in a new way. I spent a lot of time in nature, thinking about touch and the necessity for physical interactions with other bodies. At the same time I was in a transforming body, navigating through pregnancy, and as I prepared for birth I began to find myself identifying with animals and a more primal side of myself in a strange and exciting way.

Working closely with directors over the last few years, I knew I wanted to venture into this realm of creating work on film, and began to imagine how these thoughts and feelings I was sitting with could be translated into movement for the screen. '



Director and Choreographer

Darcy Wallace




Temitope Ajose-Cutting & Leah Marojevic

@temitope_ajosecutting @leahmarojevic

Director of Photography

Joel Honeywell @joelhoneywell

and Michael Kinsella-Perks @mkpcamera

First camera assistant

Eve Carreño


2nd Camera assistant

Thomas Carpenter


Sound Designer

A portal to jump through



Clémentine Bartaud



Benjamin Rozario


Stills by

Erika Karina


Thanks to

Jessie Griffiths, Erika Symonds, Nichola Farnan, Joe Newman and Declan Wallace

@jessie_griffiths  @nn_ff @jjerome87 @dec.wal