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A self-destructive procrastinator simultaneously trying to convince herself that she can & will be productive.

Filmmaker Sasha Lebedeva was born and raised in Moscow, Russia, now LA based. Stay At Home Movie is a quirky experimental comedy about the destructive nature of humans and self-persuasion. The narrator tries to convince herself that she is not bored during COVID-19 isolation and that she can and will be productive.

Lebedeva << I was inspired by Roy Andersson’s absurdist style and fixed camera placement and Wes Anderson’s aesthetically pleasing imagery and production design.

The film was shot in a beautiful house in LA where I isolate with my housemates. It started as an act of appreciation of the house. I wanted to feature anything that could be found of interest AT HOME; things that I didn’t appreciate earlier: beautiful lighting, interesting composition, quirky clothes, interiors and exteriors of the house itself.

The film is dedicated to my mom who is far away in another country. I wanted to show her that I am safe and still having fun here in LA. >>