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Forced inside, could we start an adventure in the world of ourselves instead?

Shot during lockdown in Fall 2020, Unconditional is an experimental-dance short film, inspired by Jennifer Welwood’s poem ‘Unconditional’. Welwood is a psychologist and spiritualist whose studies in various paths of Buddhism lead her to write too. Her poem 'Unconditional' reflects on the importance of giving oneself unconditional love.

Born and raised in Northern Italy to an an Italian-German family, filmmaker Marta Chierego, has also travelled the world and has been based in London, Switzerland and New York City. It's because of this international influence and instinct to experience living across the world and the obstructive effect of the pandemic that Chierego was compelled to make her short film Unconditional.

Marta Chierego 'The inspiration to make this piece came to me during lockdown. As we all grappled with forced solitude, an opportunity for a journey within became apparent, a chance to face parts of ourselves we might otherwise have quelled in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

If undertaken in earnest, the journey of self acceptance promises great rewards, yet it’s only by facing our deepest fears that we can emerge on the other side, into the light. My attempt with this short film was to show the pain and beauty that are intrinsic in a transformation process, celebrating the courage it takes to follow through with our rebirth.'



Directed And Edited By: Marta Chierego @neon_light

Starring: Dorchel Haqq @dorchelhaqq

Cinematography By: Andrea Gavazzi @andgavazzi

Choreography By: Loni Landon @lonifaye

Original Music Composition: Gracie And Rachel @gracieandrachel

Based On A Poem By: Jennifer Welwood

Narration By: Leigh Martha Klinger @leighmarthaklinger

Produced By: Julia Yelvington @juliayelvington

Colorist: Dante Pasquinelli @dantegiani

Sound Design And Mix: Juan Torán @juan.toran

With: Hakeem Olayinka @hak.olayinka

Film Scan: Metropolis Post @metpostny

Shot on Kodak Film @kodak_shootfilm @kodak

Special Thanks: @fivefathoms.tv  @amanda_mesaikos