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Bottled up emotion within hidden words, finally sounded.

Cornwall born, London based filmmaker Matilda Harding-Kemp with spoken word artist Earl James Charles creates Unspoken, a film that investigates themes of authenticity and unspoken narratives in concurrence with the self and the reaction to today's socio-political environment.

Unspoken is an experimental short film that oscillates between the chaos and emotive silence of unspoken words. The film highlights that when words are hidden; bottled up emotion and hidden narratives lead to explosive ends. It mixes spoken word, image and sound to rattle the borders of realism, through the psyche of Earl Charles.

Harding "When Earl and I first met we were interested in exploring similar themes in our work that surrounded identity and mental heath. I first visualised Earl standing in a room with hundreds of pieces of paper falling around him. Then we began our first chats about Unspoken. We deconstructed how much power words have between one another and during protests and what a lack of words must feel like when you have no voice.
Earl came back with his story in spoken word. Creatively for me it felt important to build a series of symbolic images for Unspoken that create tension and reflect the psychology of the poem - the visuals play with fragmentation and frozen moments in time to captivate, reflect and build up to a crescendo of image and sound."