Abi Sinclair

Abi Sinclair is a photographer, videographer and director from Plymouth, living and working in London.

Abi started off her film career while working as a musician, making DIY music videos for her band, Bat and Ball. This sparked the creation of her first production company, Anxious Club, through which she learned her craft and developed a distinctive experimental style, often combining handmade visual effects, non-linear narrative and abstracting techniques to create emotive and unsettling effects. Abi has gone on produce work for artists such as Oi Va Voi, Femme, Semi Precious, nijuu, Krush Puppies, Thallo, Hussy, Broadside Hacks and Opus Kink.

Abi Sinclair works almost exclusively with musicians in her visual work. Being a fellow musician, she understands the vital role video can play in extending an artist's worlds, giving further meaning to their music, personas and stories. She is obsessive in her search for ways of helping artists to articulate and express their vision.

Videos by
Abi Sinclair