Stuck - Muna Ileiwat

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A low-fi music video behind the gaze of an artist's world.

Abi Sinclair is a photographer, videographer and director from Plymouth, living and working in London. Stuck is a music video featuring artist Muna Ileiwat, created in collaboration between the two in a playful and organic fashion, coinciding  with the accidental and spontaneous nature of the video itself. True to its production, the video really embraces DIY filmmaking. 

Muna Ileiwat “Abi filmed me dancing in our garden on a lovely winter's day when the sunlight was at our disposal (a rarity in London). I had picked up this transparent material from a fabric shop that was intended to be used for a photoshoot we had organised for that day. However, the sun shined through this material so beautifully, it felt like a shame not to capture some visual motion. Abi used an old Sony DV cam while I performed the song behind this veil.”

Abi Sinclair "The 'Stuck' lyric video for Muna was shot on a vintage Sony DV camera, using the beautiful natural light of a cold South East London winter's day. The low-fi and abstracting zoom mechanics of the DV medium create a hypnotic tension with Muna's intense direct address performance. The transparent fabric barrier is often visible as a prop, creating a sense of naïf artifice. Thus, the artist draws you in with the intimacy of her gaze while the video style keeps you quietly at arms length, creating the sense that she is both being observed in a distant private world, singing without distractions, and in control of what she reveals."


Director - @abig_sinclair

Artist - @munaileiwat