Fatemeh Kazemi & Maryam Faridani

Fatemeh Kazemi(b. 1992, Tehran) is a Syracuse-Based artist and Co-Founder of ROSVA  Magazine, pursuing her practice in multidisciplinary arenas to merge her different interests in different projects. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Painting at the University of Tehran. Recently, she is studying for a Master of Fine Art in Studio Art at Syracuse University.Kazemi’s approach is focused on the process and context of creation, to spotlight the very period during which the work was built. She employs an amalgamation of media such as video, installation, writing, and performance that serve as research into themes of ritual, subculture, and archival memory. Kazemi uses a multitude of sources as a starting point, from theoretical text to a new word or memory, to weave together.


Maryam Faridani is an Iranian artist currently living in Chicago. 

By using moving images, installation, and performance, she explores how the given technical systems today lead to the creation and maintenance of a particular set of social conditions. Humor is an important aspect of her work as she finds it to be an effective way to talk about matters that are usually dark and bitter. She received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2019 and holds a BFA in Theater from the Art University of Tehran.


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Fatemeh Kazemi & Maryam Faridani