A Bath In My Mother's Womb

Mental states in chaos, in dance, in catharsis, in people.

In a dream landscape outside the physical world, the mind and body floats between different mental states in the search of total liberation. With a background of dance and choreography, Moroccan-Swedish Director, Mona Namér came up with the title, 'while floating in a lagoon on the island Gotland. It relates to our mother, nature and water as a symbol of safety, transformation and the fluid we are born in, consist of, and that purifies us.' In collaboration with identity-inspired Chilean-Greek, Stockholm based Director Sofia Aedo Zahou, the two women set out to really unpack the crossovers of identity, vulnerability, struggle, exhaustion, dreams, the collective and balance, using Hip Hop, House and Modern dance.

A Bath In My Mother’s Womb is an experimental short that through dance, explores the stages of birth, chaos and stillness. Drawing inspiration from the process of metamorphosis and the caterpillars transformation in the cocoon to becoming a butterfly, the film acts as a metaphor for how essential introspection is for both nature and mankind to have the opportunity to heal and be reborn.  The characters in the film move through different situations and explore an energetic and mental escapism as a form of coping.


Creative Director, Director & Choreographer - Mona Namér

Music - Little Dragon @littledragonflicks

Film Director - Sofia Aedo Zahou

DOP - Sara Dehlin @saradehlin & Mika Aberra @mikaaberra

Producers - Maida Krak @maidakrak & Amelie Svenstedt @ameliess

Production Company - MADBUNNY FILM


Set Design - Lisa Berkert Wallard @lisaberkertwallard

Styling - Fernando Torres @_torresf

MUA - Hanna Warsame

Hair stylist - Maurine Tugavune @missmaurine

Focus Puller - Jesper Lundqvist @jeppelundqvistt

2AC/DIT - Greta Bondelid @gretabondelid

Gaffer - Carl Erskine @lightbyerskine

Bestboy - Charles Felipe

2nd electrician - Farah Adam @phareall_

Grip - Hugo Witting @wittinghugo

Bestboy Grip - Albin Hjelm @albinhjelm


Salomon Mpondo-Dicka

Mona Namér @monanamer

Nyat Kibreab @nyatkibreab

Timothy Kakeeto @the.lwelerian

Marco Wihlborg

Mia Hellberg @miiahellberg

Fredrik Quiñones @fredrik.quinones

Aline Bennour

Kamilla Halid

Amir Ashoor

Lamin Holmén @laminalexander

FAD - Hawa Sanneh @haws

Production assistant - Reika Xappola Farman @reika_xappa

Runner Tim Waclaw

Stylist assistant - Katija Hirsch @katijahirsch

Set Design assistants - Damón Zurawski, Fredrik Dan Sundberg, Sabrina Elhafi, Patryk Konopacki

Make-up assistant - Mery Mekonnen

Hair stylist assistant: Lo von Krogh

/ @lovonkrogh

Editor - Tiyam Pour Khabbaz @tiyampour

Colorist - Sander van Wijk

Online - Andrea Vasquez

Graphics - Patryk Konopacki @pvtrok

Sound mix - Håkan Wirenstrand