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Meet Cher, from Oakland, the first transgender pro skater to have her own board.

A day in the life of Cher by Polish born, now LA based filmmaker Magdalena Wosinska, is a film following inspirational Cher Straub in her journey through transitioning and being the first trans woman ever to have a pro model skate board. On top of that Cher is a full-time creative in Oakland; she fronts the punk band twompsax - writing and recording all the songs herself and she just released her first book, a complete discography of her zine Called Diddley Squat made and distributed by her personally.

As soon as the two met Wosinska immediately felt a connection of experience in the boy dominated world of skating

<< Overall I think what really inspired me to do this was that when I met Cher she had not transitioned yet. When we met we hit it off and I watched her become who she dreamed of becoming.

She was an outcast in the skate community and it really hit home for me because I was as well being a girl skater in Phoenix AZ in the mid 90’s. You gotta remember there was no internet back then for young teens to be seeing other people do what you do, so you just do your thing and feel like you are the only person in the world doing it. For me it was being a girl at the skatepark with 100 older guys.

I grew up as a total tomboy, I hung out with all boys, I learned to skate from all boys and I felt like I was one of the boys, I just had boobs. Small ones. When I got older I started embracing my femininity a bit more. When I met Cher before she transitioned I could relate to her before and after she transitioned in a really cool way. I felt really comfortable with her, I think it's not only because she is just super talented, makes awesome music and art and is totally inspiring, but I think being around her helped me to get out of my own head of being a boy and becoming a woman myself. I saw that in her. And she reminded me of me in my teen and 20’s.

Hanging out with her for the time while we were filming this doc, I learned so much about her and her community but also about myself and my insecurities, weaknesses, doubts, lack of knowledge. When I flew back to LA after filming her in Oakland, I couldn't wait to share this little bit of her world with everyone I knew so people could see and hear what I did when I was sitting in Chers room and she was telling me how it would mean the world to her if her parents called her their daughter. Parents, lovers, friends, strangers should all hear it.

So yeah….. She rules :) >>