A Dream Of Myanmar

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Capturing Myanmar before it changes irreversibly.

This silent look at Myanmar is Polish filmmaker Marta Trela' and German filmmaker Henning Himmelreich's ultimate homage to Myanmars. Picked as Vimeo's staff pick it's design is to challenge our ever fleeting attention span and look deep into the beauty of others' lives. With cameras in hand the two tried to capture the country that for a while was sleeping, now awoken. And the intention was to preserve this point in time in the country's life, before it's changed irreversibly by globalism, and in their words, where "traditional Burmese sarongs meet singlets and baseball caps. Cheroot cigars become cigarettes."

Director and DP Trela comments, "the plan was to visit a couple of different asian countries, learn about their history, see how people live and spend some time out of Europe which surely was a good decision because it allowed me to see it from a completely different perspective."

"It makes me really happy that people like our slow-paced film  and it gives me hope that maybe people are slowly getting fed up with fast-paced cut to impress content which is all over social media. I was surprised to read comments in which people say that the film is a breath of fresh air- I really expected people to say it’s boring and a drag. A really nice surprise I must say again. Maybe the battle of winnings audiences attention is not yet lost."