Ain’t No Time For Women (Y’a Pas D’heure Pour Les Femmes)

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Inside a Tunisian salon, women discuss the personal, but mostly the political.

A group of strong and engaged elder women are gathered at the salon Saïda’s on the eve of the presidential election, November 2019. The salon has transformed into a town square for opinions, mirroring the internal turmoil of the country.

Amongst friends, this female sanctuary allows the elder group of women to speak out, but it's not gossip and hair curlers, it's politics and hair curlers. These women feel strong in their choices, and feel as if they are the country's strength. Yet that's still to be unacknowledged politically. Despite their fight, as well as their protection of their husbands and sons.

This film follows the peaks and troughs of heightened emotions within the salon before and after the election. The elder women who have put the work in over the years for women's rights, feel protective of their fighting spirit. But showing the truths of politics, generation always makes a difference. And when a daughter of one of the women denounces the elder's choice of female candidate, they are bemused and in some cases, angered.

Director Sarra El Abed's grandma features in the film. “Y’a pas d’heure pour les femmes” is her fourth film.

Sarra El Abed 'I always wanted to go back and immortalize these women that taught me feminism and strength. To me, this film is a love letter to the Tunisian women and a love letter to the women that raised me. I wanted to share them with the rest of the world so they could see how amazing and brilliant they are.'


Production : Isabelle Grignon-Francke (Club Vidéo)
Director: Sarra El Abed -- Repped by @agence.claude.girard
DOP : Catherine Lefebvre
Edit : Jordan Choinière
Sound/ Music: Ilyaa Ghafouri
Distribution: Travelling Distribution