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Body meets mind in this philosophical, existentialist, animated horror.

A fully grown new born woman is birthed into a hazy summer’s garden. A rose daemon is hiding in the bushes. It takes her hand and together they wander into an ominous bodily building.This is the mind's eye of London born, Argentinian raised animator Kitty Faingold.

Faingold <<Like galaxies around the multi-verse, the ideas behind this film

whirl around different understandings of consciousness. We shall brush

up against philosophical notions of subjectivity, the reality of individual

experience, the nature of consciousness and the psyche

as we follow the hapless adventure of our anonymous heroine. Set

in a dreamscape, there are allusions to surrealism and magical realism

within the art world too. There is no concrete answer, message

or morale being preached in this piece: as the author I would

like to allow an openness so that the audience can project onto it

whatever meaning they may find, although I would like for the

story to nudge them in the general direction of “hmmm.. what is

consciousness?”. As a plan B, I would like for them to simply enjoy

the visual journey, with a pinch of humour and an attempt at

existentialist psychological horror.>>