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Womanhood in patriarchy, life and art through an experimental lens.

Why are we resorting back to da da? Is it an answer to the new world war?

London based filmmaker Jordan Chandler wrote the experimental film Da Da Dark as a stream of consciousness interrogating a cycle of toxicity inflicted by the patriarchy and the way it affects womanhood in life and art. Characters are forced to compete with each other, being policed and controlled by the superior invincible power they are not aware of themselves. It is both a love letter & a sick note, loaded with fury for our non-sensical time that resists interpretation.

"You know it really was a stream of consciousness. The image of the fish hook on a conveyor belt was one i’d been circulating in my sketchbooks for a couple of years. Then spring 2020 happened. I was locked inside my head with these images, riddled with a fuck ton of other injustices birthing a new bout of rage. My menstrual cycle played a huge part in the structure of this movie, the ebbing and flowing of anger and comedy, along with my lust for motherhood making it more difficult for me to embark on a journey into working in such a male dominated industry.
That and listening to Nicolas Jaar on repeat for 3 weeks straight helped create this Dadaesque short. It’s been bloody lovely hearing people’s interpretations. I’d love to hear more!"

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Written & Directed by : @julapoo
Director of Photography :  @glassandlight_  
Production Designer :  @ticuman10  
Cast:  @coralbevan  @charlyivey   @vodka_terry   @melinamei   @lydiaruihuang
Wearable art work :  @charlyivey
Art asst :  @nathaliecharlottedesign  
Gaffer:  @tasha_duursma  & Larry Prinz
Editor :  @mirathuglyfe  
Motion graphics @mosh_graph
Poster design : @studiobasic__