Dance For Change

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A window into the dance scene within Dzaleka refugee camp in Malawi

In Dzaleka refugee camp in Malawi, home to over 40, 000 people, a dance scene is emerging.

The community are using movement as a vehicle for change.  

This story follows the journey of four different dance crews, The Fighters, The Dreamers, The Vision Girls and Salama Africa These crews encourage movement as a vehicle for rehabilitation. What started as one dance group has grown to inspire an entire generation at Dzaleka and beyond, leading to the emergence of more groups that share the same passion and enable young individuals to use dance as a tool to share their language and re-cultivate their identity.

Documentary is directed by Lily Cofox in partnership with Minute Shorts. Colfox writes: 'It is my hope that by sharing these incredible stories of positivity and creativity from Dzaleka, refugees around the world can be inspired by their own internal strength and be able to make change within their lives in their own way. Working alongside creatives as inspiring as these friends in Malawi has made me understand that the process of filming, working together from development to production and being aware of coming into someone else's space and respecting it is vital to the impact after. I am really grateful to always be learning and hope to maintain these friendships for a long time to come.'


Partnership with @minute.shorts

Director & Producer by @lilycolfoxCreative

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Translations Afrolingo Translations: Kenneth Kahindi Mwarandu