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Ela Arnall, exploring how feminism and Dancehall can work together.

Dance and Me introduces Ela, a 23-year-old Spanish Dancehall dancer who's developed from shyness to confidence through exploring Dancehall. The duo Candice and Jana who make up Somos We Are spend their time between London and Barcelona making films that examine their main interests: portraits of femininity in soft focus but with powerful messages.

Somos We Are << Ela has already starred in numerous music videos alongside huge Spanish pop artists such as Rosalia and Bad Gyal. After going to some of Ela’s classes we were really impressed by her talent and subsequently became fascinated with the new trend of Dancehall. For us, the choreography within Dancehall seemed to be in opposition to the feminist movement but we wanted to find out more.
We were intrigued to hear Ela's story - how she had changed from being a shy, studious girl to a woman who’d discovered her own femininity, and felt confident and empowered through this form of dance. The resulting film is us exploring how feminism and Dancehall can work together. >>