Dear Wild Child

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Poetic short about an embrace of womanhood. A gaze at the various landscapes of femininity through solitude, stillness and silence.

Dear Wild Child, a visual response to a poem of the same name by Cheryl Strayed, was birthed during the estranged world of the pandemic in a small town of North India. The director, Raghavi Agarwal and her co-creative soul (as she would like to call her) Vishakha N. Singh, were aching to get onto something collaborative to explore their inner most creative and vulnerable selves. Cheryl Strayed's words in her book Tiny Beautiful Things, struck a chord and nothing felt more personal and relatable. This creation is as homegrown as it could get, put together by a deeply passionate crew of seven. The character and the visual motifs of the film roots to the explorations of the director around the various choices she has made in the real world and would like to make in an ideal world.

Agarwal says: Embracing femininity and the quest for liberation has been an extremely layered, humbling and magical process for me thus far. Being in my '20 somethings' (as Cheryl would like to say), independence is something that I strive for with all my might but not every time I receive it and the road is surely a rocky one. The film explores becoming - the becoming of a woman, of an artist, of an adult, becoming whole while also being okay with not becoming full. Film, like any other artform, is to see a reflection of ourselves so that we feel seen and heard. Dear Wild Child is an attempt to make all women and queer audiences, regardless of how liberated or caged they are, feel not alone.  


Director- Raghavi Agarwal @raghavi_agarwal
Screenwriter- Vishakha N. Singh @vishakha_singh_
Cinematographer- Kanishk Grover @kanishkgrover_
Producer- Raghavi Agarwal
Performer- Sanchita Puri @sanchitapuri
Voiceover- Annida Kathuria @annidatattva
Music Composer- Ashish Zacharia @maaramaari
Colorist- Himanshu Kamble @3rr3ur404
Co-Producer/Picture Finishing- Bridge Postworks @bridgepostworks
Editor- Christy Sebastian @christyseb7