Dive Tierra Bomba Dive

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A young woman emerges as a leader on her Colombian island, to save the reef that’s vital to its survival.

Dive Tierra Bomba Dive was co-directed by Joya Berrow & Lucy Jane, collectively known as The Right To Roam. Based in Cornwall and London, they have won numerous awards for their films which focus on the intersection of environmental and social justice stories. Dive Tierra Bomba Dive is an environmental solution focused on highlighting the strength of a diverse female environmental role model, the power in creating awareness and uniting a community.

Dive Tierra Bomba Dive tells the story of 19 year-old woman, Yassandra Barrios who emerges as the environmental leader of her island. She learns to dive, studies Marine Biology, rallies the fishermen and young people to bring awareness to protecting their marine ecosystem. She inspires those around her with a vision of a more secure future for their island home.

The island of Tierra Bomba lies just 1 kilometre off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia. It is 20 SqKm, home to 9,000 islanders. They have survived primarily from fishing off the Varadero reef and it’s delicate ecosystem since first inhabiting the island. The reef surrounds and protects Tierra Bomba but it is in constant threat from international shipping, foreign trawlers and ferries. Local fisherman get pressured into using even more extreme fishing methods to make a livelihood, such as dynamite fishing.  

Berrow & Jane “Yassandra is a global inspiration, as an intuitive grassroots environmental activist. Her vital vision and voice demands climate justice for her island. This film opens up a conversation about resilient local communities, giving natives the tools they need to protect their local ecosystems. Hopefully the magical realist style to climate storytelling, reflects the power of imagination to envisage a more hopeful world.”