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Domesticity through the eye of femininity; a surrealist portrait.

LA based, Alaskan born director Celeste Yumara Barbosa's work is very focussed around her and her family's experiences. Raised by a resilient migrant mother and two sisters her childhood was inspired by the tugging of her American and Mexican cultures.

Growing up Barbosa was deeply inspired by the bond she developed with her sisters who all managed to manifest their creative interests through different mediums: Alexis, a stylist and model and Irma, a multidisciplinary visual artist. In this short, Barbosa's focus on family ties is brought in-front as well as behind camera. Enclosures sees Barbosa use her sister Alexis as the model, Irma's paintings in the set, her partner as DOP and cousin as MUA. The cinematic plane allows Barbosa to find a common ground with her and her two sister's creative outputs. This merging allows the work to be multi-personal. Perspectives can shift. The overall personal becomes a group's [the family's], perspective.

Barbosa << This project proved to be one of the most mysteriously fortunate sequence of events. First came the gear. Then came the human sacrifice. Kidding, just my loved ones sacrificing their sleep and sanity for the love of art. Knowing we had all this beautiful equipment made it all worth the three days of no sleep. We were able to really create something we’ve always dreamt of. Getting to be creative with colors, outfits, makeup, and lighting. We were playing like we never have before, with toys I’m usually only paid to babysit.

It was meant to be as beautiful as it is. (If I’m allowed to say that with out sounding disgustingly pretentious)

Beautiful in a distracting way, while also challenging and transcending barriers with symbolic influence. One of them being language. The song I used “Humana”, by portugués Artist Sevdaliza is exactly that. I’d recommend translating the lyrics, but really I used it because you don’t have to speak Portuguese to understand the feeling you get from even those first ten seconds.

In the living room scene she waters a Peace Lily(symbolizing re-birth and peace), we don’t see where it comes in, nor when it leaves but it helps us understand she’s within containment yet hopeful and at peace living in this mystery world. A living, breathing, enclosure. >>