Fontis Nympha

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Sex, goddesses and myths from a female perspective.

Fontis Nympha pulls from the fables of history and frames them in the now, the here, the present sexual, sensual drives and experiences of young women. Set to a Parisian background, an image begins to emerge of a place where female pleasure can be explored with comfort, power and fun. As if drawn out from an oil painting of nymphs and goddesses, a group of women lounge and recline on one another in conversation, their topic? The pleasures of sex, ejaculation and all the in between feelings.

Ina López is an Uruguayan filmmaker based in Paris. Her works are linked to cinema and its experimentation as well as feminisms, fabulation, and memory. In 2021, she created Herstory a feminist curatorial project that connects with artists from various disciplines who identify as women and propose to situate themselves as historical subjects.

At Place de la Concorde, between the obelisk and the Eiffel Tower, where drops of water flow on the breasts of the nymphs caused by the jets of the Fountain of the Seas, conversation, depictions of fable art and ancient descriptions of vulva flow in this short experimental. We center in on Julie, who meets up with her friends and tells them how she first found out about female ejaculation. Creating her own fable.

Ina López 'Fontis Nympha is interested in appropriating cinematographic language to talk about female pleasure. In this story, we recognize the specificity of female eroticism concerning ejaculation, what we commonly mean by “squirt” or “fountain woman.” It involves rethinking the relationship that women have with their bodies. From a feminist point of view, we seek to open the dialogue and break the taboos of ignorance that persist in our bodies.'


Starring @claraeon2 @jo_prida @romaneraffindelys @idkithinkweshould @fannydanslemetro @banby_ldc @anouk.marilleau #jannahchourabi
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3D motion graphics: @danielanichini3d