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A late night drift across New York with Gaika and his thoughts

GAIKA x BLACK is a short film from Brooklyn-based director Amber Grace Johnson, featuring British artist and boundary-disturber Gaika cruising around New York in the backseat of a car. The piece was made in conjunction with MATTE’s NY BLACK event, which transformed a night, city and space into an orchestration of form, sound and culture. The concept was to let Gaika’ stream-of-consciousness unravel on a roaming journey of free-thinking, juxtaposed with dark freestyles. Gaika’s opening line sets the tone: ‘My name is Gaika and I’m about telling the truth,’ and we then discover how he thinks, what he thinks about, and most importantly, why.

‘Gaika is so real with himself it's infectious’ says Johnson. ‘We brought to life the concept of being in the backseat of a car as a metaphor to being in the back of Gaika's mind. A portal into how he perceives the world around him. And mainly, how he disrupts the world with his artistry and mental state. We shot in the middle of the night during a Nor'easter, while Gaika was jet lagged coming off a flight from London. Despite this, he was magic.’