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A romantic and playful portrait of two beautiful young dancers.

Emily Stein, a photographer and Alice Stein, a documentary filmmaker are a creative sister duo from London. With similar aesthetic and eye for interesting story, they

When Emily photographed a series of portraits at a young ballroom dance competition in Blackpool, she came across two spell-binding young Neapolitans Francesco and Chaira. 

'Chaira and Francesco have an elegance to them which really stood out to us. They have been dancing together since they were tiny and they move together so effortlessly and with such grace, we really wanted to capture this. Also, they are best friends and love each other to pieces, their parents are passionate about dance and are really supportive but totally un pushy about their dancing which is also a really lovely element to their practice.'

Despite Emily being over 8 months pregnant, the sisters set out to follow the little dancers to their hometown, Naples. Despite worries that Emily would go into labour any second during the long shooting days, the sisters wanted to get the sense of their characters in their natural environment which paid off (and Emily delivered her baby safely back in UK).