Hunan Hyder

Power, freedom and healing from trauma, Welsh singer and Self Esteem pop group member Marged takes us through her return to stage.

Warning: strong language and upsetting memories of trauma with sexual assault.

A film from Wales Hunan Hyder - meaning self confidence- follows Marged, Welsh solo singer and also member of pop group Self Esteem. The film was directed and produced by two of Marged's friends - singer and poet Casi Wyn and photographer and director Carys Huws.

Touring the world, Marged has had to rebuild her self esteem after years of healing from male violence. This has been helped by her camaraderie with lead singer of Self Esteem, Rebecca Taylor. Self Esteem's values are well known for illuminating what women face on a daily basis.

This documentary, shot during Self Esteem's tour of Britain and America, captures the power of Marged's story so far - with emphasis on how performing on stage liberates and enables her to process trauma.

"Being on stage means I can re-claim my body every evening. I can move my body and no one can touch me while I'm doing it. I feel totally safe on the stage and for the first time in my life it gives me a place to be angry. We choose how we move and what energy we give out."

Casi Wyn "Self Esteem is no ordinary pop group; unlike most mainstream artists they don't attempt to gloss over the sometimes harsher aspects of reality.

The film paints only a fragment of Marged's journey so far as she discovers and shapes her place in the world. Marged is proof that the power of light, hope and radical acceptance can help us heal from the deep wounds of trauma.

Dance and song as a form of expression is a way of working with our darker experiences in life - rather than resisting and concealing from them, Marged confronts her hurt. I for one am very grateful for her courage - in sharing a story that will undoubtedly allow countless others to heal and perhaps learn to trust life again."

Carys Huws "Marged has always been an inspiration to me in how she speaks so radically openly about themes that are often framed as taboo within our society.

"I have tremendous respect for her for being open to sharing her personal trauma to help other survivors, and to represent the reality women are experiencing today as a result of male violence and toxic masculinity."

Casi & Carys “Using the right language surrounding trauma is crucial, and sharing our Welsh stories with the world is a delicate art - because the people who were raised here along with their experiences in the world, are so specific. Trauma is personal for everyone, as is language, so finding a space where these various strands of ourselves can unite - is both exciting and a responsibility.”


With @marged.marged.marged @selfesteemselfesteem

Directed and produced by @caryshuws & @casiwyn

Executive Producer @grifflynch

Commissoned by Rhodri ap Dyfrig @nwdls for @s4c

Shot by @caryshuws @casiwyn

Edit @wil_stewart_

Sound Mix by Darlun

Grade @richardfearon @blackkitestudios

Additional Camera @piersdennis