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A conversation between five models about diversity in the fashion industry

In filmmaker Ali Kurr's Include Me, five up-and-coming models talk intimately about diversity in the fashion industry and call for more people to be part of the conversation that shapes its future. In the film, East Londoner Shahira talks about her parents’ worries that she would be a ‘token’ prior to signing to Storm, while former Dazed model Aweng touches on the fetishisation of models of colour.

Include Me plays out like an intimate conversation between friends, something Kurr puts down to the setting where filming took place: 

“I wanted somewhere everyone could chill so we shot it at my house in London,” says Kurr. “On the day, I wanted to focus on the filmmaking so I reached out to Fenn (O’Meally, a writer and former model) to interview the models. She has a background in fashion herself, so she made everyone feel so relaxed and at ease. I loved filming the conversation between her and Shahira – they were chatting away like old friends on the bed, the lens was centimetres away from their faces.”