London's Rocketship Launchers

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The filmmaker sets out to uncover an apparent mystery plaguing the London skyline. And no really one cares.

Julia Mervis is a Writer Director and Editor based in London. This film London's Rocketship Launchers is a hilarious look at the/a filmmaker's quest into the unknown. This unknown is the identity and meaning of large, circular, metal frame infrastructures, propped up all over London.

Having been unable to find anyone interested in the answer amongst family or friends, and having wrongly assumed they were rocketship launchers, this filmmaker heroine traverses London to gain the perspective of the general public. Instead of answers, the filmmaker is faced with sheer apathy, and sometimes delusion, that leads her to consider some more pertinent questions; What else are we just accepting as being how things are? How can we change something we don’t even see?

Julia Mervis 'The backstory of this film really is true- I did use to be very confused as to why I saw rocketship launchers around London, but had never heard of any rockets being launched. And so, armed with an old family camcorder from 2007, an MA to complete, and no knowledge of these structures’ true identity, this film was made. Although the film itself is, proud to be, a bit ridiculous, the metal frames are used as an entry point into addressing the pervasiveness and extent of apathy more broadly. Allowing the way things are to become ‘just the way things are', and therefore always will be, resigns us into inaction and keeps us from recognising that change and a more just world are possible. I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to bridge the underlying meaning and significance of the project with humour and playfulness, and I am very grateful to be able to share it with you!'


Director @ju1iamervis

Original Score by Timo Zheng/ @proteinous.t_