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Nani Kamphuis, a famous Dutch feminist who found sanctuary in the wilderness of California.

In her debut short documentary Nani, we join filmmaker Jeske Maas on her search for Nani Kamphuis – one of the Dolle Mina activists featured in an iconic 1970s photograph, shot while campaigning for the right to be ‘boss of your own belly’. These days, Kamphuis prefers the solitude of the North American backwoods. After fighting for women’s reproductive rights, she started a tranquil life in Mount Shasta, California, without water, electricity and gas, at the mercy of the elements.


Director: Jeske Maas @jeskemaas
Cinematography: Lidewei Egbers @lideweiegbers
Sound recordist: Annemarijn Mulder @annemarijnjuliette
Editor: Svasti Sewnath @svastiii
Colorist: Kevin Kimman @kevinkimman
Music & Sound design: Johan van der Voet @soundgram_post
Graphic design: Anouk van Cleef @atelier_aha