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A symbolic look into London's knife crime epidemic set against poetry by Maya Sourie

In 2018, a knife crime epidemic swept through the heart of London, with many young lives getting caught up in the indiscriminate, and often deadly violence. The number of people killed in London hit a 10-year with more than a fifth of victims being children and teenagers. No More Knives LDN is an artistic response to the government's ill efforts to tackle such an important issue.

Directors Carly Randall and Will Cottam teamed up with 17 year old Slambassador winner Maya Sourie, to create a powerful piece of poetry that would provoke debate and act as the emotive score to this artistic short. They continued this power and sensitivity with a cast, who have all been affected by knife crime, and the visuals which are designed to tell the layers and heart behind each individual. "Our visuals were to feel like living portraits - each telling it’s own story. Whether a moment focussing on an intimate performance, moving towards an art directed installation or simply capturing a ripped and ruptured plastic bag caught in a tree, desperately trying to break free. All too often, films that appeal to our youth are dumbed down and lazy - resorting to gritty, urban visuals riddled with hoodie wearing, knife brandishing or weed smoking youths. We wanted this to be different."

This film is being released in partnership with Lives Not Knives, a London based youth charity working with young people affected by knife crime. Randall and Cottam "hope that by sharing this film [they] can enable young, disadvantaged lives to reach their full potential."