Room With A View

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The last rave before the Apocalypse.

Since 2013, (LA)HORDE has brought together artists Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer and Arthur Harel. Their collective has actively worked with several online communities to make cross-community creations, under the umbrella of their concept term "post-internet dances". One of these communities is Ballet National de Marseille. In collaboration LA HORDE and the Ballet dancers interrogate the political component of dance. Together they map diverse choreographic forms of: popular uprising, transitioning from raves to traditional dances, as well as jumpstyle.

The track 'Room With A View' from musician Rone lays the soundtrack and mood for the choreographic piece of the same name Room With A View, where (LA)HORDE questions and explores corporality at its extreme.

Shot just before the theaters close, this is the last rave before the Apocalypse. A magnetic storm. The wind blows fast through the Théâtre Châtelet. In its thrust it tears a spectator from her chair, propelling her to centre stage.

Rone’s music propels the dancers in a frantic race through all the places of the theater (stage, backstage, corridors, roofs) until a new horizon opens up to them. The video and motion capture allow us to represent the unimaginable, to push the limits of bodies to offer allegorical forms and new ways of moving.


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Music :@roneofficial

Directed by : (LA)HORDE @lahorde @marinebrutti @arthurharel @jonathan.debrouwer

Recorded at Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris @theatrechatelet

Produced by : Sourdoreille Production @sourdoreille_, Infiné @infinemusic,  & MJZ @mjzworldwild,

Featuring the dancers of the Ballet national de Marseille @balletnationaldemarseille
Angel Martinez Hernandez @angelmartinezh86 Aya Sato @aayang0618 Daniel Alwell @danielalwell Dovydas Strimaitis @dovy_mhm Elena Valls Garcia @elena_valls_garcia Malgorzata Coello Cz @coellocz Mathieu Aribot @mathieu.aribot Myrto Georgiadi @myrto_georgiadi Nahimana Vandenbussche @nahimana.vandenbussche Nathan Gombert @nathan_gt_n Nonoka Kato @nonohanahana Sarah Abicht @sarahabicht Tomer Pistiner @tomerpistiner Vito Giotta @vitogiotta19 Yoshiko Kinoshita @yoshiko_kino Filippo Nannucci @filippo_nannucci Kelly Keesing @kellykeesing Clara Davidson @clara_davidson


Concept: (LA)HORDE- Marine Brutti, Jonathan De-brouwer, Arthur Harel

Music: Rone

With the dancers of Ballet national de Marseille : Sa-rah Abicht, Daniel Alwell, Mathieu Aribot, Malgorzata Czajowska, Clara Davidson, Myrto Georgiadi, Vito Giotta, Nathan Gombert, Nonoka Kato, Kelly Keesing, Yoshiko Kinoshita, Angel Martinez-Hernandez, Filippo Nannucci, Tomer Pistiner, Aya Sato, Dovydas Stri-maitis, Elena Valls-Garcia, Nahimana Vandenbussche, Thierry Hauswald, Nicole Murru, Valentina Pace

Stage design: Julien Peissel

Light creation: Eric Wurtz

Costumes: Salomé Poloudenny

Hot coiffure: Charie Le Mindu

Direction: (LA)HORDE – Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer, Arthur Harel

(LA)HORDE artistic assistant: Julien Ticot

Assistant Director: Héloïse Lesimple

DOP: Alex Lamarque

Assistant camera: Sylvain Chaux, Amélie Gastaldi

Steadycamer: Guillaume Quilichini

Key Grip: Arnaud Imbert

Gaffer: Jérôme Fabre

Best Boys: Jérôme Thellier & Teddy Moirot

Location manager: Alice Weckerle

Production: Sourdoreille Production (Sami Battikh, Ronan Le Borgne, Mario Raulin) & MJZ (David Zander, Eriks Krumins)

Coproduction: Infiné, Théâtre du Châtelet, Ballet national de Marseille

With the support of the CNC – National Film and Moving Image Centre

With the support of the SCPP – Civil Society of Pho-nography Producers

Production Administrator: Justine Bouvet

Production Manager: Nérimen Hadrami

Editorial Coordinator: Romain Bourceau

Technical Manager: Thibaut Garcia

Chief editor: Edouard Mailaender

Colorist: Gabriel Poirier

Mix: Si Begg

VFX Production: Mathematic studio

Supervisor: Arthur Lemaître

Director of production: Guillaume Audibet

Production Coordinator: Nikita Saini

Houdini artist: Thomas Van Maele & Colchen Olive

TreeTracking: Emeric Samier

Renderman: Roman Thibault

Composing artists: FX Pourre, Purple, Maeva Sol

3D Motion designer: Boris Ramonguilhem

Graphic design: Alice Gavin, artiste associée au CCN Ballet national de Marseille

Thanks to Général Pop, Frédéric Baeli, Jérémie VitardRecorded at Théâtre du Châtelet, Paris

With the support the of permanent and intermittent staff of the Théâtre du Châtelet

copyright: Sourdoreille Production et Infiné