Seeking Comfort In An Uncomfortable Place

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PREMIERE: three neurodivergent skaters open up about their struggles and their moments of peace.

This short documentary follows three neurodivergent skateboarders Chloe (they/them), Kira (they/she) and Meg (she/her) as they share the challenges they have faced, their coping strategies,  and how they have found means of expression, escape and a sense of identity within the sport and its community. From triggers around ignorant teaching at an early age, difficulties with over-stimulation and anxieties with socialising, these three skaters show us the trials of finding a personal balance outside the wider population's grasp of routine behaviour.

Italian, Glasgow based Filmmaker Debora Maité Bottino chose a topic close to her own lived experience, as someone who also identifies on the autistic spectrum. This project was born as a collaboration between Debora and Doyenne, a Scottish women-run collective advocating for inclusivity in the skating scene. Since research and literature around neurodiversity have historically overlooked women, non-binary and queer individuals they found it essential to create a project that included under-researched participants.

Bruno Munari: searching for comfort in an uncomfortable chair

Inspired by Italian-designer Bruno Munari's 'Seeking Comfort in an Uncomfortable Chair' this piece aims to remind us of the importance of making skating less intimidating by fostering safe, inclusive, relatable spaces for absolutely everyone to thrive.

Debora Maité Bottino 'As a female director on the autistic spectrum who still hasn't figured it all out, I cherish every opportunity to tell intimate, ground-breaking and uncomfortable tales that explore human relationships and experiences I can truly connect with. This documentary isn't essentially about skateboarding, but rather our ability to find creative ways to adapt in a world where tolerance and understanding are sometimes in short supply.'


Director:    Debora Maité Bottino @johnwillbarry

Producer:   Meg Wrigglesworth @princessmeeg / @doyenneskateboards

DoP:          Lewis Raeburn @lewishraeburn

Sound:      Laïtsi @lai_tsii

Skate Filmer: Nancy Hankin @nancy.hankin