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A Moroccan female fighter and her loving mother.

Moroccan filmmaker (and kick boxer herself) Hala Cherradi El Fadili's short doc Selham follows Aicha and her daughter in their mutual support for each other, after Aicha's son abandoned the family. Aicha not only provides for her daughter Khaola but before every championship creates a secret robe for her - revealing it on the day.

Women professional boxers are not easily accepted in Moroccan society; men are seen as 'tough' enough, and women as delicate. Hala wants to change that old-fashioned perception. Despite this and living under hard conditions mother and daughter both fight every day so that Khaoula can become a worldwide recognized kickboxing champion.

When Director Cherradi first met Khaoula at a party two years ago Khaoula had just won her fourth kickboxing Moroccan championship belt and her mother had organized a celebration party to show how proud she was.

Cherradi <<I immediately fell in love with both of them and wanted to have them behind the camera.

I was really moved by Khaoula and Mi Aicha’s story as I myself find it hard to get the support of my family about my boxing goals. I found in their story some magic that I wished I could have in my daily life. This film shows how strong Moroccan women already are. I want to tell women in Morocco and around the world that we already have what it takes and what we do need is to keep on inspiring and supporting the female community every day to reveal together our true potential. >>