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PREMIERE: A look into the lives of Edinburgh's GIRL skate group.

Tomboy Tapes is a newly formed production company, with Skateboobs being their debut project. The group is comprised of three young filmmakers who met at Edinburgh Napier University's Film course ; Shona Russell, Lauren Robertson and Karina Widomska.

Found cruising effortlessly through the streets of Edinburgh, the Skateboobs go against the grain by challenging perceptions of being both a skateboarder and a woman. Despite common negative connotations, their love for the sport and for each other is what makes them so admirable in the eyes of not just those on the skateboarding scene, but to everyone who sees them. We peek into the lives of these girls both in and outside of their sport, to find out what binds them together so cohesively as a collective. Created by three young female filmmakers with the same desire to create and succeed, this short documentary is an insight into the strength of female friendship forged in an inherently masculine subculture.

Shona, from tomboy tapes:

"Looking back on this project, I am reminded of the little things in the process which made this experience so poignant and joyous; The early 5am starts to catch the sunrise, dragging bags of equipment through the city on skateboards, feeling invincible and carefree in a time where those feelings felt few and far between. It truly showed me what it meant to make a documentary, and provided a breath of fresh air that told us that we could create something we loved and were proud of in uninspiring times such as this."

Lauren, from tomboy tapes:
“Despite the difficulty and uncertainty of the past year, making this film has allowed us to grow as filmmakers and explore various elements of documentary. Our own drive and passion as creatives is mirrored in the motivation and energy of Skateboobs, and our ability to relate and empathise as females was imperative in how we understood their story. This has allowed for us to produce an honest and uplifting portrait of our subjects, providing a strong sense of nostalgia and belonging."

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