Somewhere in the Middle

Directed by
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Artist Ben Draghi reflects on the ways in which he achieves self-exploration.

Louise de Nexon is a Paris born director based in New York City. Her latest film Somewhere in the Middle is an experimental portrait that aims at visually capturing the different facets of Ben's identity and how they best develop.

In a world that demands a strong sense of self, Ben celebrates the feeling of floating in between different versions of himself.

Louise de Nexon, 'Ben's process in making music truly is introspective and experimental. Instead of shaping visuals around who he felt he was at the time of the video, we decided to create the film around the idea that his music is the result of a constant exploration. Every image aims at representing a facet of his personality he's explored at a point in time.'


a film by @louisedenexon

featuring the music of @bendraghi

in collaboration with Time Turner Films

director of photography @zoesimone.y

first assistant camera @euricayu

loader @konstantin.dp

make up artist @rommynajor

editor @jamesdayton

colorist @jaredrosenthal

sound by @ancillarypost

sound design and mix @daniele_devirgilio

ap producer  @danielboventer

graphic Designer @clara___martin

special thanks @richieshazam | Avon Theater