Subjectivity Insisted

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Varying facets of masculinity and race explored through movement and aesthetics.

Subjectivity Insisted by London-based director and choreographer Akti Konstantinu is a dance film which explores the varying facets of masculinity and race through movement and aesthetics. It follows two protagonists who compete on mental and physical planes for trophies of masculine and romantic ego. Their struggle for sexual transcendence dictates their yearning for otherness while mirrored by their need for dominance. The film inevitably leads the viewer to reflect over the modern meaning and relevancy of masculinity, its manifestations and its ties to wider social and racial dynamics.

Konstantinu states: In a world where the binaries regarding gender and race are being reshaped and reclaimed in new revolutionary ways, we as a society witness the archetype transforming together with the collective aesthetic which also influences the way we perceive ourselves, our feelings and the relationships with each other. It’s hard and incredibly exciting all at the same time. I guess this is what the film is about, a collective embrace of change.


Director: Akti konstantinou @akti_mk
and Maxime De Sadeleer @maximedesadeleer

Performers: Mikey Boats @mikeyboats and Jonny Vieco @jonnyvieco

Cinematography: Jannick Fielsoa @jannickfjeldsoa

1st AC: Ibrahim k Muhammad @ikm.films

2nd AC: Phoebe Arthurs

Costume design:
Anna Makri @_annamakri
Taylor-Bea Gordon @_taylorbea

Set Design:
Lyndon Ogbourne from LSD Studio

Creative director and choreographer: Akti konstantinou @akti_mk

Editing: Giulia Peruzzotti @giuliaperuzzotti_editor

Color Correction: Danilo Vittori

Special thanks
Dimiology @Dimiology
Emi Papanikola @hmtydm
Henry Gill @thehenrygill
Yellow Cactus @weareyellowcactus