The Black Pacific: An Early Seed

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Black Unity in Afro-Nzer community.

Aaraf Adam is a 20 yr old filmmaker, Muslim, and Sudanese-American. The Black Pacific: An Early Seed is Adam's first film in a set of three filmed in Wellington, New Zealand, where Adam had travelled to start her authentic depiction of people's stories within the diaspora.

In New Zealand, there isn't any Black Centered Television, and very little advertising featuring Black Individuals. When depicted it is usually African Americans, stating that only American representation of Blackness is hegemonic to an NZ Black identity. There are in fact, little to no African NZ-centered shows, especially from the Migrant African and African-NZ perspective.

This film aims to break those barriers by highlighting one of the first Afro-NZer, Liya Lupala ( 54 years old). Born May 17th, 1966, in Hunterville Aotearoa, Liya lived in Aotearoa ( New Zealand) all her life. Holding a double major in Anthropology and Sociology, Liya considers herself an African-NZer despite it being an identity the NZ system tries very hard not to adopt. This is a story of the Black Pacific wing. The global Black consciousness. As “The story of the Black Pacific is a new one. We define it, it's just the beginning. I was just a very early seed.” - Liya Lupala

Adam 'Liya is an activist, a leader, a global mind. She isn't used to being heard, allocated with the proper space she needs to continue progressing. This is why this film is important. Giving the stage to Black Women. Women from all over the world mic, to say a small piece, whatever that may be. They hold so much wisdom and knowledge to offer to this world. This film tells a glimpse. The voice of a Black Women, an Afro-Kiwi. A rarity depicted to the world. I strive to direct and produce stories of the diaspora.'

Aaraf Adam is also the founder of KanSuda. A Black, Female-led multi-media entity that collaborates with Black artists and storytellers to uplift a diversity of African continental and diasporic Black women in different societies.


Director/ Producer/ Stylist/ Writer: @aarafxadam

Featuring: @mzz_liya

Videographer/ Editor: Trixan Grande: @trixangrande

Co-Director: Taylor Forsythe: @taylofo

MUA: Jade Spencer: @spencer_jade

Hair: Mwewa Kasongo: @emkaee

Production Assistant: Danni Love: @danniloveee