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Residents of a retirement community tell us about the many upsides of getting older.

In Jenny Schweitzer Bell’s short documentary The Blessings of Aging, we watch elderly people describe, at some points hilariously, how much they enjoy older life. This film was created with a goal "to depict the meaningful work the Hebrew Home at Riverdale is doing and the impact it has on those in their care towards positive, empowered ageing," says Schweitzer.

“What surprised me was that more than 30 subjects sat for me and my questions with unbound enthusiasm and a deep-rooted sense of humor.

The conversations really challenged my preconceived notions of the aged. We all had a blast during the filming.

I felt that it was my role, as the interviewer, to showcase this positive side of ageing to the many people who, like I was, are petrified.

It sounds a bit hokey,” Schweitzer Bell says, “but after filming this video, I’m truly excited to get old.”